I continue to be inspired by my clients as I witness them building a loving partnership with their bodies. The body is so wise and wants to be whole and healthy. As one listens with love to their bodies messages, optimal health can be reached.


Ann Vandervelde

I loved my private yoga lessons with Louise! It was clear after several group sessions in gentle yoga that I no longer had the flexibility in my wrists with carpal tunnel to hold Downward Facing Dog. My feet tended to cramp when stretched and my neck screamed “Enough!”.

Louise guided me through a continuous set of floor exercises that protected my back yet strengthened my core. Using a firm roller under my torso I slowly and rhythmically moved from one exercise to another. I paid attention to inhalation…exhalation which I’d never really thought about before.

Louise wrote up specific exercises for me to practice during the week that focused on my personal strengths and weaknesses. At each session she would add a few more: snow angels, twists, eye of the needle pose, wide knee child’s pose.

The personal attention to my needs is what Louise supplied in a gentle healing, yet firm way.


My one-on-one yoga session with Louise far exceeded my expectations! She took the time to really listen to what I wanted to work on, walked me through a variety of movements and then designed an individualized routine tailored to my body so I could practice at home. After doing it on my own 3-5 times a week, I notice a marked difference in my strength and flexibility! I can’t believe how much impact just one session with Louise has had on my body!

Akshay Malik

The yoga lessons with Louise were very helpful in addressing some chronic muscular pain issues. Louise did a great job of tailoring the practice to my specific needs and providing a detailed list of movements I could incorporate into my daily routine.